artist's statement

"I paint the natural world around me in an effort to acknowledge the small things in life that make up ╩╗the big picture╩╝.  I choose to paint ever present subjects and experiences that are often considered unremarkable and use tools and techniques that do not allow precise or overly predictable markings. My current work combines various materials such as wax, ink, charcoal, pastel, resin and acrylic paint on canvas or birch in various ways to create rich, multi-layered abstracted images of nature.”


Annette studied at the University of Alberta and was awarded the Helen Moseson Samuel Scholarship in 1992.  She studied drawing, painting and design in the various disciplines of theatre, fine art and textile design and has been creating and studying fine art ever since.  Annette has lectured at the University of Alberta Faculty of Extension on colour and taught art techniques at the Strathcona County Arts Program.  Her paintings are included in public, corporate and private art collections in Canada and the U.K.



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